Friday, May 22, 2009

Topic: Combating Terrorism

I. Terrorism Why?

  1. The 21st century challenges to fighting terrorism are more complex and difficult.

  2. Thesis statement: Although terrorists motivations, terrorist organizations and terrorist tactics should be of significant concern. Our main focus is our response to combating terrorism.
II. Responses to Combating Terrorism

  1. Impose sanctions on suppliers of nuclear technology and impose diplomatic,economic, and military sanctions on the terrorist states themselves.

  2. Neutralize terrorist enclaves

  3. Share intelligence and revise legislative to enable greater surveillance and action against organizations inciting to violence, subject to periodic renewal.

    1. Outlaw fund-raising and channeling of funds to terrorist groups

    2. Permit investigations of groups preaching terror and planning the violent overthrow of the government

    3. Restrict ownership of weapons

    4. Tighten immigration laws

  4. Actively pursue terrorist and train Special Forces to fight terrorism.

  5. Educate the public.
III. Conclusion

  1. To deter the increased threat of terrorism reaching outrageous proportions,certain measures must be instituted and followed to uphold the democracy of the 21st century and beyond.

  2. Our focus is our response to combating terrorism.

  3. How the information being presented about the topic relates to this course?

  4. Student’s recommendations as to how other students can utilize this
    information to their benefit.