Friday, May 8, 2009


On Virtue: Comparing the Viewssssss1


ssssssConfucius and Aristotle were historically renown philosophers.

Their astounding theories have laid the groundwork for the

philosophers of today. Confucius has an eastern flair whereas,

Aristotle adopts the western approach. Their style of interpretation

may be in contrast but they are both highly regarded as great

teachers of their time.

ssssssConfucius growing up fatherless and poor lived modestly in

China and adapted to teachings of philosophy early in life. This

arrangement of these highly acclaimed Analects were not

systematically compiled. In order for the ancient Chinese to digest

these amazing concepts, memorization of the entire collection of

Analects was necessary.

ssssssAristotle, known as the greatest systematizer, remains known

as one of the masters in his sphere of study. The validity of his

classic thoughts and theories dealing with theology, science,

intellect, philosophy and physics are the standards upon which

scholars are measured in the present day.